Interruption: Arne: Ok, enough of this video interview interruption! Should you have some more questions – there is a form in the „f.a.q.“ section for you to ask me what ever you want to know about Union of Heroes. But now for something completely different: Do you still remember the pages 4 and 5 of Episode 3 and the related action? Everybody who wanted to, could send me a portrait of her- or himself and thus was saved by The Eternal Victim. I have decided to revive this action – so that there will be different pages for the different language versions in the future. So, if you want to be included on one of these pages, too: Send me your photo at! All the marked slots are still free! And the best thing is: If you understand German – you can win something, too! More about this on Friday!
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311: Unterbrechung311: Interruption

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Union of Heroes is a photocomic about superheroes – from Germany. Our photographed heroes experience their adventures in the Ruhr Area of a parallel earth. Sound interesting? That's what it's supposed to be! We do our best to present you, our readers, good entertainment three times a week. Apart from that, please check out the character pages, our link lists and the media section with our buddy icons and avatars, youtube movies, twitter entries and links to our myspace profile and our facebook fanpage.
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