Guest artist: Chris Flick - In his own webcomic Capes & Babes Chris Flick presents a whole storyline around this interview. I think it‘s very funny and very worth reading! / Seeing things differently... / Marc the interviewer: Folks, we're talking to Marc the Erzengel from the webcomic Union of Heroes. Marc, how are you tonight? / Marc, the Erzengel: I feel kind of weird, Marc... My Comic is photorealistic. Being in a 2-D comic like Capes & Babes is very strange! / Marc, the interviewer: Maybe this will help. They're 3-D glasses I kept when I went to go see Avatar. Maybe they will help both of us see each other in a more realistic light... See anything different? / Marc, the Erzengel: Nope. Nothing. / Marc, the interviewer: Me either ...
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275: Gastkünstler: Chris Flick275: Guest artist: Chris Flick

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