Jana Baron


Jana Baron was the orginal Erzengel’s girlfriend. At the same time, her alter ego on our world used to be
the longtime friend of Marc Ridbeck. A fact, he has yet to cope with, as she had just turned him down ...
On the parallel earth, Jana and Marc led a long and mostly harmonic relationship. She disquises her caring and understanding personality by an often seemingly ardous demeanour.
Though Jana herself commands no superpowers, she was known to help the Erzengel whenever she could,
no matter what the prize. She enjoyed being the girlfriend of a superhero. And she was willing to take the
risk to be injured or even killed by his adversaries.

Although she was well aware of the dangers to herself and her partner, the Erzengel’s sudden disappearence gave her the
shock of her life. The arrival of the “new Marc” is very confusing for her – especially for her feelings.
But she also sees it as an opportunity to find out what happened to the real Erzengel ...

Aprart from being the girlfriend of a superhero, Jana is just a normal young woman. She likes to go shopping (currently her favorite shop is Red Rabbit Fashion in Cologne) and to the cinema, she collects handbags and shoes and jobs as a waitress from time to time.

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