The Nordstadtbarde

The Nordstadt-Barde

Nobody knows exactly when the Nordstadt-Barde began to fight evil, equipped with his songs and his magical guitar. He just appeared suddenly on the scene and started to pull of his show. And that's the way it is until today. Where he came from, how he received his guitar, what he did before that - quite a lot of "press flacks" tried to solve this mystery. But all their attempts were to no avail. Because all of them had to discover that the Nordstadt-Barde does not care to divulge anything.

Marc believes to know the alter-ego of the Nordstadt-Barde from his parallel earth.

The guitar of the Nordstadt-Barde

The guitar of the Nordstadt-Barde

On the first look it seems to be a normal guitar. On the second look, too. But this impression changes the moment the Nordstadt-Barde starts to play on his instrument and the first couple of chords sound. Its strings produce tones which listeners can only denote as "magical". And the effects which the Nordstad-Barde is able to achieve through his play can only be described with the same word.

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Der Nordstadt-BardeThe Nordstadt-Barde

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