The One Who Knows

The One Who Knows

Not much is known about The One Who Knows ... he remains a mystery even for those who work with him. Neither is unclear as to from where is knowledge comes or if he is truly omniscient. But one thing is for sure: He has the remarkable habit of showing up in the right place at the right time!

The wristband

His gentleman-like demeanour and his extensive knowledge fortify the impression of a natural leader.
And if that should somehow not suffice, his multifunction wristband comes into play. This seemingly simple accessory is a microtechnological masterwork. It not only enables its wearer to travel between several parallel worlds, but also offers a variety of additional useful applications. It is yet unknown where The One Who Knows acquired this trinket and if it is the source of his knowledge. Who knows what other surprises this technological gadget yields ...

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Der Eine Der WeißThe One Who Knows

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