Marc Ridbeck

Marc, the Erzengel

Marc Ridbeck studied Social Sciences at the Fachhochschule Dortmund until one morning a mysterious stranger showed up in his kitchen ... Marc is a nice guy, a bit cynical perhaps. Marc is a naturally relaxed person. He only rarely loses his composure to display an explosive temper. He became a big baseball fan during a trip to the United States and has grown especially fond of the New York Yankees. As a true rock fan, he also knows a trick or two on the guitarre. His favorite band is the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
During the last weeks, he was known for spending his time with his friends and fellows at the local
bars rather than with his girlfriend Jana. A few days ago she settled the score – by leaving him.

The Erzengel

The Erzengel’s Resurrection

On the parallel earth, a mining accident of Marc’s grandfather triggered a genetic anomaly: Marc gained the ability to absorb all kinds of metal and to use them to temporarily modify his body. It is yet unclear, if this is his only means of interacting with metallic substances. Whether he commands additional superpowers has yet to be clarified. Marc will have to train hard to gain full control of his abilities ... because now he is tasked with taking over the original Erzengel’s place in the battle for justice! The original Erzengel was one of the Ruhr Area’s greatest superheroes and his disappearence left quite a gap. Whether Marc will succeed in filling
that gap and how people will react towards him as a superhero, remains to be seen.

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Marc, der ErzengelMarc, the Erzengel

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