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Claudio Paolo Manero is the supreme crime lord of Bochum. More businessman than brutal thug, he controls the fate of his succesful and infamous organisation, the Cosa Manero. Be it smuggling, theft, blackmail, murder, drug dealing or human trafficking: there is no too dirty a business for Manero to participate in. Manero is powerful. Manero is ruthless and calculating. Manero has no conscience. And Manero loves talking about himself in the third person.

Manero's henchmen

Maneros Henchmen

Manero maintains a private army of lowly thugs, whose loyalty is assured by the vast amounts of money they receive. These simple henchmen may not be the best of the best. They, however, compensate for their lack of competence with their brutality, and take exquisite delight in the excessive use of senseless violence.

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